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A Six

Sigma-Certified Outsourcing Company

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Three-Tier Core Capabilities

Because of the complexities of the capabilities and processes, becoming Six Sigma-certified became paramount to our success. Using the Six Sigma methodology, CornerStone Administrative Services, LLC has been able to eliminate redundancy. 

In addition, it has created checks and balances, enhanced efficiencies with effectiveness, and helped improved our processes. It reduced our operational costs and allowed companies to recover a greater percentage of business service processed for the client.

We are aware that over the past years, the business landscape has changed dramatically. Companies are looking for ways to streamline their operations and one option is outsourcing. 

All of these events have created the necessity for companies like CornerStone Administrative Services LLC in Indianapolis, Indiana. To help better manage business support resources, our administrative professionals analyze, research, and implement solutions in the areas of:

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